How to Talk to a Girl You Like and Attract Her in the Reversal of Roles

The processes of how to talk to a girl you like entails so many twist and turns in order to attract her to you. After the initial introduction and when the both of you have built some kind of bond, it is now time to tease her into thinking that the two of you can never be together. Girls are attracted to a guy that they cannot have. For this route, you will need to display some “cocky confidence” and get her to believe that she will have to work to get you and not the other way around.

During the course of your conversation, tell the girl that you could never date. You can something in the lines of “You are a great girl but you are not fit for a guy like me. I could get you into all sorts of trouble”. Such statement sparks an interest in the girl and will get her to stay in the conversation just so she can get to know you more. She will, later on, take this as a challenge to change your mind into thinking that she can just as well be on the same road as you are. Such tactic also gives an impression that you really are not into her and you are merely looking for someone to talk to.

Placing the girl in “The Friend Zone” is another technique on how to get a girl to like you. It is commonly the men who look up ways on how to make a girl like you more than a friend since this move is more commonly employed by girls. You may not know this but this technique can also be done by boys for the girls. Say something in the lines of “You are just like my sister”. When such sentence is said to the, they will do the best that they can just so they can prove that they are fit for dating. This reversal of role technique is a very powerful tool to use on girls.

Accuse a girl of hitting on you will most likely get her to believe that you are one gem that she just cannot allow to get away. In the conventional process of how to talk to a girl you like; it is the guys that will always have to adjust and live up to the wishes of the girl. In this tactic, it is you who is driving her into thinking that she will have to work a little more to get you. Say something in the lines of “It takes more than a drink to get me to go out with you”.

A rather fun technique that you can use in the process of how to get a girl to like you utilizes the point system. During the course of your conversation, let the girl know that you are “grading” whatever she is saying and that you are awarding her a point if she says something impressive. Once she reaches a number that you have agreed on, you will give her some sort of reward. If she says something that is not to your liking, there will be a deduction of points. Girls can be very competitive too and she will work really hard to reach that number of points.

Teasing a girl will take some amount of confidence and cockiness. You have to get her to believe that she is the one who should impress you. Reversing the conventional role will get the girl to believe that you are not like the others and will get them to think that you are a gem that they should have. However, you should be able to deliver these lines properly as some might find them offensive. In the process of how to talk to girl you like, you have to get them to think that you are the boss.

 How to Start a Conversation with a Girl You Like: What You Should or Shouldn’t Do

Although there are no fixed ways on how to start a conversation with a girl you like, one thing is for sure: guys should start veering away from the generic conversation starters that they have been using for so many years now. The fact is, girls may not be falling for it any longer and you will only be left with no one to be with for the entire night. These tips are not only applicable for use in bars; they can also be used as a guide on how to start a conversation with a girl you like on Facebook or in school. Keep these things in mind as you might never know when this might come in handy.

First of all, you have to understand the importance of originality. In a bar, for instance, you have to trigger something in her that will grab her attention and set you apart from all the other guys who have tried to strike up a conversation with her that night. Typical talk can get boring and the girl will only find ways to get rid of you. You should be able to demonstrate you real value. Most guys think themselves of lesser value just because a woman if giving her a favor by talking to him.

You should know how to hide your motives in starting up a conversation with her. The trick on how to start a conversation with a girl that you like is to get the girl interested in you. However, you should not put out outright all of the cards that you have to offer since she will then immediately be able to make a judgment about you. Sure, most of the time, guys are after the sexy time that they will get after they have managed to get the girl. But he should not make it seem like this is the case.

Another tip on how to get a girl to like you while you are conversing with her is to give your conversation some sort of direction. Women, as with men, would not want to get trapped in any talk especially with a topic that they have taken no interest in the first place. The first couple of lines that a man throws is essential and is the main determinants of a conversation will pan out. If it starts out bad; then the entire conversation that will follow will most probably be just as bad. Men think that just because the girl is answering and responding to their questions; they are already getting somewhere.

Most importantly, know how to flirt with the girl as you get the conversation rolling. You should be able to point out early on the buttons that will turn her on as well as the right time to push them. Women have a list of the things that they would want to have in a guy but being attracted to someone is not something that they can entirely control. You might not hold all of the qualities of her “Mr. Right” but if you know her attraction switches, you will be fine.

Approaching and striking a conversation with a stranger is not an easy thing to do and women highly appreciate the guys who have the guts to do so. However, going further into the conversation will have to take some much needed effort from the guy. Making the right approach and the initial talk only takes you halfway. But if you know the right ways on how to start and sustain a conversation with a girl you like, you might turn out to be one lucky dude by the end of the night.

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