Tips on How to Start Conversation with Girls

March 7, 2012
It is not as tricky as it seems to learn how to start a conversation with a girl for the first time. Although a lot of men have tried to start a conversation with girls, not all of them are successful with it. This could be the reason why a lot of men claim that starting a conversation with a girl is a hard thing to do. However, if you know and understand the basic rules to do it; you will realize that women are not monsters. There is nothing really scary about women so there is nothing to fear when it comes to talking with them. You need to realize that these women like men too! Attraction between opposite sexes is a normal occurence.

To start a conversation with a girl for the first time, some men always rely on those good pickup lines as conversation starters. However, if you plan to talk to a gorgeous lady who has been trailed by a lot of men; she probably hates those pickup lines. As a matter of fact, a simple Hi or hello may probably be the best way to start a conversation with her. As much as possible do not attempt to “pickup” a girl; you should start a chat with her instead. You will be surprised on how she will appreciate this type of approach.

Timing is also another consideration that guys must remember when it comes to talking to girls. You cannot just walk up to her and surprise her. This is one of the most common mistakes that men commit; normally guys will not get a positive response. In most instances women will get startled by your actions and she will surely turn down any of your proposals. The most effective way to do it is to let her feel your presence so that she will know that you exist. You can look at her every now and then or you can smile at her. If lady luck is on your side, she might reciprocate your stare and you will leave her wondering if you are going to walk up to her and start a conversation. This technique may work for your advantage because you already got her interested in you before even starting a conversation with her.

Learn to respect her personal space. If there is one thing that could easily annoy her is those guys who invade their personal space. Remember that when starting a conversation with girls, you should not get too close because it might be uncomfortable for her. The best position to talk to women is at an angle; in this manner you can just easily turn your head to look at her. It seems like you are just addressing her over your shoulders. If you sense that she is already comfortable talking to you, then you can slightly move closer to her.

As soon as you are decided that you will start a conversation with her, make sure that you have framed your questions pretty well. As much as possible, avoid asking close ended questions or those which are simply answerable by yes or no. You do not have to wait for her response before you think of another question to ask. You have to make sure that your conversation will flow naturally and avoid those dreaded silent moments. Think of some more stuff to talk about even before she ends her sentence. So you have to listen carefully and frame your questions based from her sentences.

This basic rules on how to talk to girls will help you a lot. However, your self-confidence is also very important. Your confidence to deliver the message is also important, it is not enough that you know the tecniques on how to start conversation with a girl that you like..

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