How to know if a girl likes you seems to the favorite question of many men. This is because they would want to know if they stand any chance at asking the girl that they like. You might have fears of humiliation or rejection and would rather forgo the chance to have the girl of their dreams than go through it. If you are attentive enough in the ways and actions of a girl, you should be able to see subtle signs that she could possibly be into you as well. For all you know, she could be letting out ways just to get your attention for you to hopefully notice her.

Any girl can strike up a conversation with you but when this particular girl will go out of her way juts talk to you, then there might be something else other than just being friendly. She can also laugh at every joke that you crack (no matter how corny it is) and constantly give you complements. If she has been doing all of these, she just might be waiting for you next move. Befriend her then ask her out. If you are a little shy, you can text her or send her messages through Facebook. When you ask her out, however, try to muster up enough courage and do it face to face. She will appreciate it more if you do it this way. It will also appear more sincere and genuine.

One other method on how to know if a girl likes you is when she is being too thoughtful. She would willingly go out of her way to be of help to you in any way that she can. She can either ask to tutor you for that difficult math lesson or ask to stay and comfort you when you lost that basketball game. She will also most likely give you presents for your birthday or any other special occasions. The more thoughtful her gifts are to you; the bigger the chance that she is into you.

If you have been seeing the girl a little more frequent than the usual, then she might be into you as well. In these instances, she might be seeking some attention from you. Since this is most probably the case, give her a smile and a wave when you see her. However, you have to make sure that this is exactly what the girl’s intentions are. For all you know, you could be issuing your moves and things to talk about with a girl when she is completely uninterested in all of these. Keep your radar open for any more signs that she could be into you and is not merely in the place that you are currently in because of mere circumstance. 

The ultimate sign that a girl is into you is when her friends tell you that she is. You might think that they would be breaking the “girls’ code and rules” but a girls’ friends will never do such a thing unless they can sense that you are also into her. It is also a good thing that they are doing you this favor since it can most certainly mean that they approve of you going out with her. In this instance, do not waste any more time and ask her out.

The workings of the female mind can be very hard to decipher as there are so many intricacies that you will have to work and figure out. This is exactly why you have to let out your radar and feel things out more if you see that a girl could potentially have a crush on you. This guide on how to know if a girl likes you could somehow be of help