There are so many men who find it very rd to figure out what to say when asking a girl out. For them, it is quite a mystery how some men are able to take out just about any girl that they desire while the rest of them struggle in even holding up a conversation with one. Probably the main problem is that they do not know how to ask a girl out. If you know how a woman acts and behaves, you can very well know to push the right buttons and get a girl to say yes.

Those conventional ways of asking girls out are already too old and misused and yet many men still make use of them. They are not aware that women have already gone sick of the same things that men use on them. Those typical dates go through the same routines and almost always end up the same. The women of today are into adventure and anything that is out of the ordinary. They have even come up with their own counterattacks on the cliché pick up lines that men have been continually using on them. Tell the girl how incredible your date will be my using these tips on asking a girl out.

First of all, keep your emotions at bay. Do not show signs that tell that you are into her. Girls, just like guys, love a good chase. Once they know that you are too into a girl; she will not see much of a challenge anymore and could just drop you like a hot potato. Men who have shown expertise in this field do not show that they are not fazed with any hot women. They turn the tables and treat themselves as the prize that girls are supposed to chase.

Do not make it look like you are taking the girl out on a “date”. The use of the term “date” is usually associated with formal and awkward movie and dinner dates. A “date” will only place the pressure on both of you to impress each other. But if you make use of the term “casual hangout”; then any pressure on both of you to properly behave yourselves vanishes. If, for some reason, she refuses to hang out with you; then you do not have to nurse an ego that is too bruised.

But if you still have some qualms on what to say when asking a girl out, try the innocent invite. In an activity that you have been planning to go to (like a concert, for example), invite the girl to join you. Using this tactic, you are telling her that you are an outgoing guy who likes to enjoy himself and have some fun. Make it sound like it is an opportunity for her to join you; rather than making it sound like a date. Make it seem like you are still going to the concert even if she says no. So if she refuses, you will not feel that bad because you are still going anyway.

Those typical ways on asking a girl out will most likely not work anymore. Make it seem like you and the girl are not going out on a date. Women are into exciting and new things, just like men are. But still, you have to make sure that you use the right tactic in the right time with the right women in the right situation. Tips on asking a girl out will rely on the current instance.

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