How to talk dirty to a girl is highly variable with you, the girl, and the kind of relationship that you both have. While there might be couples who have seemed to survive without the use of it; there are those that consider dirty talking as a vital part of their relationship. Many guys do not make use of it because they are afraid that their partner might react different to it. They may also not know how to go about the entire process or are just very shy. Every guy should give this a try sometimes; they might not realize how fun this can be for both of them.

If you have never been involved in any sort of dirty talk before, you would highly benefit from starting things slowly. As you discuss topics to talk about with a girl, slyly inject some sexy words in to the conversation. You girlfriend might be shocked that you immediately say the F-word or C-word right in front of her because it is just not like you. If you see that your girlfriend is positively responding to it, then just dig right into it. If you go through things rashly, you might risk offending the girl who is apparently not into such talks. 

You might ask, when and how do I deliver dirty lines? The very first thing that you will have to consider when you decide to do some dirty talking with her is the place. Of course, it would be very inappropriate to exchange intimate words where other people can openly hear you. That would just be plain rude. Because the words that you will say has a big impact on the entire endeavor, make sure that you cautiously pick them. If you have known her long enough, you should have some idea on the right words that you should be using.

One of your most important weapons on how to talk dirty to a girl is your tone of voice. Making use of the right tone can go a long way. The next time that both of you get in bed; say something in the lines of “I love the way you feel against my skin”. This will be a very good starter to get both of you to feel comfortable. You can also go further and say “I like it when you touch me there”. Look up a good list of things like this if you have not tried this out yet. Say these things out while you watch TV or before you get to bed.

To make things a little more playful, you can also play dirty games with each other. You can whisper dirty talk in each other’s ears and talk about what you will do with each other. A truth or dirty dare game will also be a good idea. This is practically the same as the traditional game only that the questions and dares are all related to sex. Both of you can even create your own dirty words game. With your imagination, the sky is the limit.

Not only does dirty talking serve to add some excitement in your relationship; it can also boost up your self-confidence and self-esteem if things end up successfully. Keep in mind that the very goal with such activities is to add fun and excitement into the relationship; it does not have to be hardcore. How to talk dirty to a girl is not a bad thing; it can even help improve a relationship

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