Of all the things that are under the sun, what are good things to talk about with a girl? This is one question that so many men are asking just so they can keep the conversation that are having with a girl. Which is the best pick to create a very good first impression? Keep in mind that not all of the topics available are equal and there will always be those that are better than all the others. Take note of the six attributes that a good topic should have. It should be able to build rapport, create an emotional state, is three-dimensional, keep the conversation going, display your attractive qualities, and it should lead to sexuality.

One of the good things to talk about with a girl is gossip. This is one of the most effective ways to evoke emotion and opinion from the girl that you are directing it to. Gossip never fails in getting the attention of any person. Talk about an interesting issue or scandal that a friend of yours has recently been in and ask for the girl’s view on the entire situation. If it is at all feasible, you can even make up your own scandals that deal with relationships and sex. The more twisted and intriguing they are the better.

One topic that will allow us to talk for hours on end is those that are about our interests and passions. A good question to ask a girl is one that will spark her interest and allows her to expound on it. By doing so, you are giving the impression that you are not self-centered and are willing to give the stage to whoever it is due. After she has shared hers; give her a piece of yours as well. Letting the girl know that you are highly passionate about something gives her the message that you can make up your own mind and is not afraid to make decisions on your own.

Talking about your current self can be a big bore. Veer away from doing this and talk about your early struggles instead. Tell her the story of your childhood and the people that surrounded and nurtured you. Give her a brief account of the sacrifices that you had to face to get to where you are right now. This is especially effective if you are already very well-off right now. This way, the girl will see you as a determined guy who works hard to get to where he wants to be.

Travelling to new places and experiencing new things is always a joy to talk about as everyone enjoys doing so. The key here is to allow the girl to talk about her experiences first. Let her tall you about all the different places that she has been to. After her turn, share yours as well. Pick out the most interesting stories that you have beforehand. There is no need for you to enumerate all of the places that you have been to. You would not want to be branded a boaster. Men who are into travelling is very attractive for women.

Never dive in to the “interview mode” and ask the girl about her work, address, number of siblings, and others. These questions have already done their part of creating conversations and have already been overused and misused. Whichever topic you pick, make sure to keep the conversation going without any dull moment. Also take note of the six features that good conversations should have use it your aid in picking out good things to talk about with your girlfriend.

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