Of all the things that are under the sun, what are good things to talk about with a girl? This is one question that so many men are asking just so they can keep the conversation that are having with a girl. Which is the best pick to create a very good first impression? Keep in mind that not all of the topics available are equal and there will always be those that are better than all the others. Take note of the six attributes that a good topic should have. It should be able to build rapport, create an emotional state, is three-dimensional, keep the conversation going, display your attractive qualities, and it should lead to sexuality.

Gossip is one of the good things to talk about with a girl. Such kinds of conversation are very effective in evoking emotions and opinions from a person that you are sharing it to. It will never fail to get the attention and interest of anyone. Open up an issue or scandal that someone you know has gotten his self into and ask for her opinion on it. If you can, you can even make up your own interesting issues pertaining to sex and relationships. Give it the necessary twists and intrigues to spark more interest.

If there is one thing that will leave us talking non-stop about one thing, it has to be our passions and interests. One good question to ask a girl is one that what sparks her interest and allows her to talk about it. This gives the girl the impression that you are not a self-centered guy who only wants to talk about his self and actually cares about the other person. In turn, also talk about yours. Knowing that you are very passionate about something only gives the impression that you can make up your own mind and is confident enough to make decisions on your own.

Conversation Topics To Steer Clear Of

Talking about your current self can be a big bore. Veer away from doing this and talk about your early struggles instead. Tell her the story of your childhood and the people that surrounded and nurtured you. Give her a brief account of the sacrifices that you had to face to get to where you are right now. This is especially effective if you are already very well-off right now. This way, the girl will see you as a determined guy who works hard to get to where he wants to be.

Talks about travelling will always spark a girl’s interest as all of us enjoy going and experiencing new places. What you should do here is to allow the girl to talk first. Allow her to tell you about all the places that she has been in. Afterwards, give her stories of your own too. Make sure that you have figured out the stories that will tell beforehand. Do not narrate the list of all the places that you have been to. You would not want to turn out to be a bragger. A man who loves travelling is a turn on for many girls.

No matter how desperate the situation may seem, do not get into the “interview mode” and start asking about the girl’s work, address, number of siblings, and so on. These questions have already been overused and misused way too much and too long. Whatever topic you talk about, ensure that the conversation will never have any lull moments. Also keep in mind the six attributes of an interesting conversation topic to be your guide in choosing good things to talk about with a girl

Suggested Topics to Talk About with a Girl that Has Taken Your Interest

No set topics to talk about with a girl exist. Girls, just like boys, are highly eclectic resulting varying interests and likes. Still, there are some good things that you can discuss with her. If you are trying to hit it off with a girl, make sure that the topics of your conversation will interest her on a personal note. In order to do this, you will have to do some researching and find out what they are. Take note of the thing that she commonly talks about. From these, take a cue and make them the basis for a conversation that you wish to start with her. Still, there are some suggested generic topics that might get a good conversation going between the both of you.

All of us have passions and interests. This makes it one of the good topics to talk about with a girl. Ask the girl what things give her good pleasure in those times when she has some free time to fill up with. Getting the girl to open up about such topics will be good way to get to know her more since she can easily talk about her passions. Once she starts talking about this topic; show her hat you care by properly responding to whatever she says, even if you are not well versed with it. If you can, divert the conversation into an interest that you both share and give yourself a chance to open up about it as well. Discussions on things that are of interest to both of you are good ways to hit it off.

Another example on the nice things to talk about with a girl is the facet the concerns her job. Her work environment, boss, colleagues, and corporate culture are just some of the things that you can use to make up a good conversation. You can even ask her where she sees herself in five years and get her to expound on her future career plans. It will also be a very good idea if you talk about your current job as well. Jobs can turn out to be a very interesting topic especially if you share a common workplace or work under the same boss.

Questions to ask a girl with regards to her likes and dislikes may fall on the categories of her hobbies and interests. However, there are things that she just likes but she does not consider as a hobby. You can ask the girl a wide range of questions with regards to this topic. Ask her about her favorite color, game, brands, sports, and many more. Also talk about her pet peeves - the things that disgust or annoy her. The information that you will gain in such topic will prove to be very helpful if you ever decide to pursue her. This way, you will not what ticks her and what will not.

Another topic that you can direct your conversation into is pop culture. This can range from celebrities, music, and movies. Ask her what her favorite music genre or is get an idea of her favorite chick flicks. You can even move to asking her who her favorite artist or actress is. Also talk about light topics like the funniest things she has ever done and such. This will make the entire conversation less serious.

With the many things to about with a girl, inject some appropriate jokes here and there so make things less serious. Also remember to give her a piece of your mind too; this is not a one-way communication process. Keep in mind: the key here is to pick out the most appropriate topics to talk about with a girl, so that trying to use sweet pick up lines is never necessary.