How to talk to a girl you like on Facebook opens the door for many opportunities in the world of dating and romance. This social networking site has not only changed the way we do everything; it has also revolutionized the way that we deal and communicate with people of the opposite sex. Picking up women is not an exact science but there are some ways that you can try out to talk to a girl online and potentially get her to go out with you on a date. Here is one creative idea on how to talk to a girl you like.

The first step on how to talk to a girl you like on Facebook is pretty much like making a connection outside of cyberspace: go with the necessary introductions. If you are already connected, then you can skip this step. If you are still not, then send her a friend request. Even if she does not know you, a girl may still accept your friend request along with a “Do I know you?” message. If you have mutual friends, make use of them and say that you are friends with so and so. If there are none, tell her that you find her interesting and would want to be friends with her.

Now that you are already connected on Facebook, you can now start conversing with her through the chat box. Make use of every crafty way that you can think of on how to talk to a girl you like on Facebook. Send her a message that was supposed to be a “mistake”. She will most likely reply with an “Excuse me?’ Now you are already conversing with her! Send an apology for your “mistake”. After she replies “It’s okay”, follow it up with questions that are in the lines of “How are you?” or “How do we know each other again?”

After all the awkward initial chat messages; you can then talk about both of your interests and passions. The best thing about doing this on Facebook is that you can look up information about her on her profile. Look up these things on her profile and see if you have any shared interests and likes. Talk about her favorite television shows or share your opinions on a certain music that you both like.

Once you have already chatted for quite some time and you find her to be a pretty cool, muster up the courage to type in an invitation to hang out some time. Make sure that you have known her a little better before you decide on asking her out. If she says yes, then everything has been a huge success. If she says no or comes up with an excuse, it is okay. Tell her that maybe you can hang out in another time. However, if you kind that she was not the girl you thought she was; tell her that you will catch up later and properly end the conversation.

Talking and asking a girl out has now been made so much easier with Facebook. But remember that not everyone online is trustworthy. This is exactly why we should have a good instinct and common sense when we connect with people online. On the other hand, online communication is a big help for shy guys who find it hard to have a decent conversation with a girl in real life. How to start a conversation with a girl you like can be an easy undertaking if properly make use of the tools that this social media site offers

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