The various ways on how to talk to girls on the phone will highly depend on the type of girl that you are taking with. If you are still quite uncertain as to how the mind of the girl that has taken your fancy works, then a generic approach would be a great approach for guys. Take a look at the following technique and use it in the next instance that you will need to talk to a girl on the phone. It this is too bold of a move for you, learn some tips and inject them into your own style.

The girl might not be the one who answers the phone but you should still let her know who you are. Start off your greeting like “Hi, this is Mark. Is Kate there?” Stating your name even when you are not talking with the person that you intend to call will show off just how confident you are. This will also be a good chance to create a first impression on the girl’s housemate or parent early on.

If the girl that you are looking to talk to is not around, talk to the person on the other line instead. Charm them by initiating questions to ask a girl. Ask him or her how her day is going or what he or she is currently doing. Let the other person on the other line know that they are worthy of your time as well. But if Kate is around, thank the person on the other line as the phone is handed to you. One she answers the phone, veer away from asking her questions that ask what she is currently doing and other kinds of generic talk. Start off by something interesting such as “Hi, Kate. This is Mark. Would you believe what I did yesterday?” This will spark up her interest early on. However, do not expect a 50-50 conversation since this is likely to happen early on the talk. Use the right material and give it a lot of momentum.

Use those fun things to talk about with a girl on the phone. Focus your attention on properly delivering your material. Never think in advance of the things that are still far from happening. After about fifteen minutes, casually close the conversation and say “Let’s get together this week” then silently wait for her response. If she says that she is too busy, drastically change your approach and say “Let’s have ice cream. I’ll pick you up in five minutes.” If her answer is still negative, thank her for her time. Tell that you enjoyed you phone conversation and hang up. Call her again after a week or move on to another girl.

You will have less difficulty in talking to girls on the phone and score a date with her if you have placed her in a good mood early on. Know that her mood is one of the most important things that you need to work on because it can dictate everything. Make use of good things to talk about with a girl and make her laugh if she is not in the best of her moods. If she is having a good time, she just might say yes to whatever your invitation to go out is. Ensure that you have good material to use early on.

Most importantly, one of your best weapons in phone conversations is to have confidence on your verbal abilities. Pick out a tone and speed that is good for a girl. Also make sure that your material is effective. Practice them on some of your friends and discard those that will not work. Finally, know that the ways on how to talk to girls on the phone could all potentially work if you practice them.

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