So many men complain that they do not know the right things on what to talk about with girls. Oftentimes, they end up dumb founded once they run out of things to say after the introductory statements. This then leads to those conversation stalls that will only make the entire talk all the more awkward. The trick on what to talk about with a girl is to open up topics that you know will interest the general population of girls. When you do so, you can get them to talk endlessly and have another topic to easily transition to. 

A topic that talks about her likes and dislikes will not only be way for you to get to know her better; it will also be a way for her to talk about as well as being a good ice breaker. Such subject has never failed in sparing so many men from an otherwise boring and meaningless talks. Make up questions that pertain to her likes and pet peeves and she should be more than happy to talk about them. As she talks, make sure that you play a very good role in listening and taking in the things that she will be saying. You may never know when such information can come in handy.

Once both of you are somehow in the comfort zone, you may now focus the talk on the girl. After all, it is the girl that you are looking to grow comfortable and close with. Most of the time, you will not have much of a problem at this since they would love to talk about themselves. You only need to supply her with the necessary opening statements or questions and everything will be easy from then on. During the conversation about this topic, hold the urge to negate the things that she will say. If there really is a big need for you to do so, properly word it in a way that it does not get too offensive.

Since girls have proven to be the more emotional gender, anything that holds relationship a topic will often hold a girl’s interest. There are so many issues that you can tackle today that talk about such. Initially stay on the safe and know how she will react by talking about same-sex marriages and infidelity. Later on, you can move on to more serious talks such as couples living in together before marriage and infidelity. As she talks about her vies with regards to these matters, pay close attention to them and never contradict them.

Other than talking about her job, come up with questions to ask a girl that will talk about her goals and aspirations. If she is still in school, ask her what and where she would want to work. If she is already working, ask her to talk about a project that she is currently working on. You can also ask her what she aspires to do outside her career, whether it be putting funds for a charitable organization or pursuing her big love for photography.

With all the numerous topics that you can choose from, ensure that it will be interesting enough to get her attention and start talking. Getting someone involved in a conversation may be quite a challenge since there is no guaranteed way to get a girl to stay interested throughout the entire conversation. In order to impress her, you need to show that you are a good listener and are able to pick out bits and pieces of her as she talks about herself. The success in using the right topics on what to talk about with girls will entirely rely up to you.