Women are different and you will surely find someone who will capture your interest, but how to get her to like you is another story. You will find a lot of ways on how you can get women to like you. Remember that if you are out there looking for the perfect girl, there are also a lot of women who are looking for their ideal men; there are basic things that you have to remember to catch the attention of the girl of your dreams.

The first thing that you have to remember is not to attempt or even try to be a macho. Most girls hate guys who think that they are heaven-sent to women. Women tend to watch every move especially if you are with your friends. Do not try to impress her by pretending someone that you are not. Be as natural as you can whenever you are with her and show her your best self too.

Another important thing to remember to get her to like you is that you should have your own life. Women do not fall for guys who tend to be so clingy and who do not have a life. Live a life apart from her too. Some girls may find clingy guys attractive because of wrong reasons such as insecurity and they want to dominate guys. But most women would still go for men who can take charge of any situation.

You would not be able to attract any women unless you begin to talk with them. Try to talk with her and share something about yourself. For instance, you are interested in cars and video games and talk to her about it. Your girl will certainly feel that you are allowing her to enter your world by passionately sharing your interests with her. But make sure that you do not do all the talking because she might get turn off with all your blabbering. Remember that communication is a two-way street; so give her a chance to share something too.

Be her friend. It is very rare that girls will fall for someone who is a complete stranger. You can smile at her every time she walks by and sometimes that is all you need to do for her to notice you. You can say Hi! to her in a friendly way, but make sure that you do not overdo it she may think that you are stalking her. By doing these things, she will know that you exist and then you can start to do small talks with her. Short conversations may develop into friendship, but if your plan is more than just friendship make sure that you do not stay too long in the Friend Zone. It is simply because girls would not go out with guy friends for the fear of losing the friendship once the relationship ends.

Lastly, a girl will not get attracted to someone who dresses like a bum on the streets. Maintain proper grooming and excellent personal hygiene. There is no need to wear suit just to impress her unless of course you are into sales and your work requires you to wear one. You can wear your usual clothes and just make sure that you look presentable too. A guy who takes good care of his appearance is most likely to attract the girl he likes quite easily.

Once you have followed the tips and you can take it from there to judge whether or not you stand a chance on her. If after all the efforts that you have exerted and she still appear to be uninterested; she is either just playing a little hard-to-get or she is most likely really not interested in you. If she is truly not interested, then you can just move on to the next girl. Contrary to the belief of many men, it is really not hard to find beautiful single women. As long as you follow the basic rules on how to get her to like you there is no reason why you will not find the perfect girl for you.