What to talk about with your girlfriend on the phone? This question must have been plaguing the minds of so many men who want to please their girlfriends in their phone conversations. Of course, this should go both ways and should also be an equally enjoyable experience for men as well. There are so many dos and don’ts when it comes to phone etiquette, especially this time that you are talking with your girlfriend. It would be wise to get to know some of them as well as you go along educating yourself about what to talk about with your girlfriend over the telephone.

A thing to consider when choosing topics to talk about with a girl on the telephone is to ensure that the topic that you will be talking about will interest the both of you. It should be something that the two of you can easily relate to. If there comes a time that the two of you have run out of things to talk about, it would be wise to think of a topic that will interest her and not you. As she talks, make sure that you are being a good listener then comment and ask her questions about it. This is one way of showing that you care about the things that she has to say.

As you go on talking about the good things to talk about with a girl, allow her to openly talk about her ideas and thoughts without any prejudice. Once she has done doing so, you may also give her your own ideas and thoughts. If there come a point in the talk that things are going too dull and slow, ask her just about any decent question that will come to your mind. Examples of such questions include what her favorite music is; how her day went; and other questions along those lines. Make sure that these questions will allow her to elaborate or explain her answers.

Inject some funny stories as you go along in your talk over the phone to each the monotony that is bound to build up when you talk about somber topics. For as long as you do not take too much time talking about it, it will be perfectly fine. In such talks, you will be playing the role of the listener. To show that you are playing your role well, restate her opinions about the things that you have talked about. This is a way to tell her that you have understood the things that she has been saying. Do not limit yourself too much and talk a thing or two about a topic that is of your interest and ask her to comment on it.

The best things to talk about with a girl on the phone are those that exude a positive vibe. Whatever things you wish to talk about with your girlfriend, make sure that you speak of positive thoughts whether they are about the past, preset, and the future. One bad trait that you should not do is to be all-knowing. It is not only the girls who find such kind of attitude repulsive; men will also find such cocky attitude very unappealing.

These things to talk with your girlfriend will also be very helpful in face-to-face conversations. Properly interact with your girlfriend throughout the phone conversation. Keep in mind that this is all about her so you should lessen your talking. Along the way, share some tidbits on your views and opinions as well. What to talk about your girlfriend on the phone comes easy for as long as you consider her likes and interests.