Being in the early stages of relationship will give quite a hard choosing the right things to talk about with your girlfriend. You can look at it as a disadvantage since you will have to choose from the numerous topics that you can talk about and still have reservations on whether it is to her liking. However, you can opt to look at this as an advantage. By doing so, you can talk about a variety of topics and get to know her better in the process. Do this through constant questioning. Approach questioning in a spontaneous way and make your questions appropriate.

There can be times when both of you will have to face those awkward silences when both of you have run out of things to talk about on a date. This may seem inevitable but there are ways that you can avoid such occurrences. One way is to do your homework and think ahead of time of questions to ask your girlfriend. Make sure, though, that you do not sound as if everything is acted and has been practiced the night before. Be as spontaneous as possible and pick the right questions that will display her preferences and characteristics. 

Asking questions about the girl that you are out with is a great conversation starter for any date. Girls will always love talking about themselves. As soon as she opens up about her life, take this as the perfect time to ask her some questions that relate to her life of to the experiences that she has gone through. Ask her more questions about her friends and siblings; her embarrassing moments; her hopes and dreams; and even her likes and pet peeves - the list of the things that you can talk about is endless. Show interest in the things that she is saying but so not be too quick in judging them. Only pass judgment in rare occasions.

One of the best things to talk about with your girlfriend is to ask her questions that directly relate to you. Ask her questions that are focused on you and how she sees you in her life. For instance, get to know how she will react if you do a particular act or say a particular group of words. If you desire to tackle those serious topics; ask her and get to know how she sees the relationship going. However, if you desire to keep your conversation light; steer clear from talking about such sensitive issues as her answers might not turn out to be what you expected.

A topic on what to talk about with your girlfriend is one that concerns her family and friends. This is one aspect worth digging into if you are looking into having a long-term relationship with her. Get to know who her closest friends are and the kind of relationship that she has with the members of family. Make sure that you properly look through each question that you will ask. Do not get over inquisitive as your girlfriend could mistake it to think that you are prying into their personal lives. Do not get carried away, either, and throw question after question like a game how host.

Offered here are just a handful of the many questions that you can ask your girlfriend. There are still so many other topics that you can talk about. Use your imagination and think up of other things as the world offers a variety of things for both of you to talk about and get to know each other better. Just remember to stay within the safe line in coming up with things to talk about with your girlfriend.