The ways on how to talk to girls through texts and chats are so much different to that of how to sweet talk a girl face to face. With texts and chats, what you will primarily have to worry about is only the words that you will have to type. Sometimes, spelling and grammar are even out of the context with the advent of internet slangs and abbreviations. When doing it face to face, however, you will have to deal with looking into more than the words. There are your body language, mindset, attitude, and timing, among many others. All in all, though, it would be safe to say that when initiating sweet things to talk about with a girl, you have to be cool and relaxed. You have to think it and do it.

In sweet talking a girl, you should not only take into account your attitude, the current situation when you decide to make use of it will also highly matter. Unless you make use of the appropriate lines to say, you will only end up being the bad person in the eyes of the girl. Saying “Did you have a nice day” when it is apparent that she is stressed out would not be a good conversation starter. Likewise, saying “You look good” when both of you are well aware that she is not will only make her think that you are a jerk for being sarcastic. Below are some of the most effective sweet lines to say to a girl.

The best sweet lines are those that will complement her. No matter how they deny it, girls spend so much time making their selves look good. There is nothing that they would want to hear more than to know that their efforts to do so are appreciated. Simply saying “You look amazing” or “What you are wearing suits you” should be enough to make her day. There is no need to go into the details of her entire look. One reminder, though, is to carefully pick out those aspects of her that you want to compliment. You would not want to give the impression that you are checking her out.

You can also show how sweet of a guy you are by asking her about her day. Aside from showing just how sweet you can be, this will also be a way to show your concern. Ask her “How was your day?” or “Did you have a good time with your girlfriends?” These are some of the most harmless way on how to sweet talk a girl and would be a safe go-to line to blurt out. If she is a little down on how her day went, you can offer to comfort her and assure her that things are going to be okay.

As you bid your goodbyes, tell her how much you appreciate the times that you just spent by telling her “I had a great time hanging with you”. This will spare her the effort of having to actually wonder if there is a potential between the two of you. Also saying “I would move to see you again” shows just how interested you are with her and would want to meet her again to deepen a potential budding relationship.

Remember that there is a big difference with these lines and that with pick-up lines. The latter makes use of smooth words that may not always be appealing to all girls. Sweet words, however, will never falter in putting a smile on the girls face. Most of the time, these are the true, unexaggerated versions of pick up lines. Note, though, that the ways on how to sweet talk a girl is a skill; it will have to require some practice and honing.