One of the most common problems that you will most likely encounter when you talk with girls is being tongue-tied and surprisingly have a blank mind. Despite the fact that most guys must have practiced such situations a thousand times already, they still find themselves at a loss for words once they are already in the actual situation of trying to impress with good topics to talk about with a girl. Not only will this be a big turn off for the girl, you could even end up humiliated. Unless you can come up with a good comeback, which will be highly unlikely, you end up the loser in the end.

Self-confidence is one of the most important qualities that you should instill. Make sure that you have enough of it to properly face the girl despite the impending doom that you are expecting with the possible worst case scenarios. If you can mask the mumbling and fidgeting quite well, you can be one step closer to success. Think that you are confident and everything will naturally follow. Note that women have this innate sense of knowing that a guy is being genuine so you have to make sure that what you think and do coordinate. Here are the best three tips to live by.

Most guys think that the way to spend more time talking with a girl is to ask her endless questions about herself just to get her to continually talk. Known as the “Interview Mode”, this consists of questions that are very general and, therefore, is highly typical. Some of the examples include “What do you do for a living?”, “Where did you grow up?”, or “Where do you live?” Because they are vary common, the girl will only answer them immediately without any help in forming a bond between the both of you. Come up with statements instead like “You seem to not live around here” or “You look like you work in the corporate world” to create an environment for discussion between the both of you.

The next tip would be to take control of the conversation. Girls love men who can take the lead in life, whatever aspect it may be. Aside from showing just how much of a confident person you are, do not complement her too much. This is a rather desperate and weak way to ask for her approval. Talk to them while being a little aloof. Tease her; make it appear that you like her one minute then you do not in the next. Girls would be into the challenge of convincing you to like her.

Most importantly, have topics at hand before you even approach the girl that you are looking to impress. You would not want to be in the moment and only think up of the topic of kitchenware to talk about. Make sure that the topics that you will have a mental list of are those that will help you form connections with the girl. It should also encourage emotional feelings and, ultimately, lead to sexual tension. Some of the most effective topics are those that talk about music, food, childhood memories, and even future goals. These topics encourage both of you to dig deep and therefore create a stronger bond.

Take note that these tricks are not honed overnight. You will have to exert some effort and show determination to actually perfect this skill. If you are able to go through the entire process quite well, then you are on your way to getting that girl that you have always wanted. This will turn you into a more confident guy who will have no worries and fusses when it comes to the task of how to talk with girls.