Approaching a girl for the first time might give you some difficulties on what to talk to a girl about since you barely know anything about her. Unless you have done a background check with the girl that has taken your fancy, thinking up of an interesting topic can be very hard. A tip to keep in mind in such situations is to never pressure your self. These things take time and patience is one virtue that you should nurture. Do not pressure the girl as well. This might be a reason for her to get away from you despite your good intentions. Be sweet, kind, and complement her once in a while. Here are a few more tips.

Early on, allow yourselves to ease in to the situation. Let the girl know how you exactly feel to help clear out the awkwardness of you suddenly coming up and talking to her. This is one of the most important first date tips that you can also apply in situations like this. You body language obviously shows that you are nervous as evidenced by your fidgeting and shaking hands; you might as well just tell her that you are. Start talking about a topic that both of you are currently into. Make up questions to ask a girl such as her thoughts on the university’s new Philosophy professor or a boss that both of you are under.

You can also ease yourselves into the situation if you talk about funny stories or merely just crack some jokes. A person who possesses a good sense of humor is very easy to get comfortable with. But you have to make sure that you do not try to hard when you deliver these jokes and anecdotes since you will only come off rather cheesy and desperate. Also put in jokes in your conversations where it is appropriate. If a particular topic will do better without, then you are better off not pushing the issue.

Another one of the good topics to talk about with a girl is her. If you are just walking alongside her and you are just talking for the first time, ask her if she has a boyfriend. You might risk shaking things up if you are making your moves over someone who is already in a relationship. If she already has one, then take it to experience and thank the girl for her time and interest in talking with you. If you happen to bump into her boyfriend, casually greet him and introduce yourself. Afterwards, politely bid them farewell and walk away normally.

After the necessary introduction and opening lines, the next thing on what to talk to a girl about are your current situations. Ask her questions that will allow you to get to know her more. As you ask her these questions, also give your own answer to them as well. Go with the flow and move on from one topic to another in smooth transitions. Do this is that it will not seem like you have made up the questions ahead of time.

The very important thing is that you act naturally all throughout the conversation. Never sound like an investigator or talk show host and throw her one question after another. Also let her know that you have nothing but good intentions and give time to feel at ease and comfortable with you. Initially pick the right topics on what to talk to a girl about and patiently wait things out.

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